Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2016

David Rayson

David Rayson Threadneedle Prize

David Rayson Threadneedle Prize

"In our local shopping precinct there are a few general stores, a play park and just by the underpass is the off-licence, which seems to be open all hours.

Tomorrow if I go out most of these things will still be there, there will be some changes, cars parked in slightly different places, a lot of the litter will have been cleared up and replaced with new litter, and the curtains down the street will have moved.  People who work will have left their houses empty, in others lights will be on.

Whether I’m inside or out, everything seems to be continually unravelling, and becoming more unreal.  I’m drawing out these things in an attempt to make sense of everything and to celebrate my everyday fantastic."

(Extract from text for ‘The Everyday Fantastic’ catalogue, Marlborough Gallery, 2009)

David Rayson’s work stems from and deviates out from his on-going relationship to living in suburbia.  With the advent of TV and the Internet we can go anywhere we like without having to move, so why go anywhere else, when somewhere else is always here?

His work has been exhibited widely in this country and internationally, and is included in many public and private collections.

David is currently Professor of Painting and Head of Fine Art at the Royal College of Art.  During the last ten years he also continued to be a visiting lecturer at all the major institutions nationwide.

As fantastic as the everyday is, David intends to set sail on his new venture The Ship, journeying to new lands beyond the precinct, and most days still make it back for ‘last orders’ at the Kings Head.

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